Orchid Skirt #298

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S: waist:62cm  adjust(60-64cm)

M: waist:66cm adjust(64-68cm)

L:waist:70cm adjust(68-72cm)

XL: waist:74cm adjust(72-76cm)

About this Product: 

Material: Rayon,Polyester High quality uniform fabric, doesn't wrinkle easily, suitable for all seasons, no lining

The skirt arrives with the pleats sewn together on the bottom. You'll need to the follow the steps in the picture below to cut the thread and allow the pleats to separate. This is the way that the factory created the product and fully intentional. 


1. How the skirt looks when it's received

2. Cut the thread

3. Tear gently to separate the pleats

4. Your skirt is ready to wear